We are a small group of Quran enthusiasts seeking to create a platform that facilitates a deeper learning experience of the Quran.

We credit tanzil for their downloadable Quran which allowed us to prepare our own data procedures. We also are grateful to Everyayah for their recitations and Ustadh Wissam Sharieff for the word by word pronounciations - and for many other services we are grateful to The Noble Quran, Quran Corpus, Lane's Lexicon, Quran KSU, Quran pro app and all those who helped this platform. Sources for the surah information tooltips, The History of the Quran by Abu Abd Allah al-Zanjani, Chronological Order of Quranic Surahs, rendered by Kevin P. Edgecomb. , Geschichte des Korans by Theodor Noldeke.